Magnesium 30 Quick Chews x 3 Pack Nature's Way

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Product Overview

Nature's Way Magnesium 30 Quick Chews x 3 Pack = 90 Quick Chews

Nature’s Way Magnesium Quick Chews is conveniently formulated in a chewable tablet that can be taken quickly and on-the-go without water to relieve muscle cramps and support muscle health.

Chew Nature’s Way Magnesium Quick Chews when your muscles need it most, anytime, anywhere.

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Each Chewable Tablet Contains:

  • MAGNESIUM GLYCEROPHOSPHATE 484.85mg Equiv. to Magnesium  53.33 mg
  • MAGNESIUM CITRATE  330.03mg Equiv. to Magnesium  53.33 mg  
  • MAGNESIUM AMINO ACID CHELATE 266.67mg Equiv. to Magnesium  53.33 mg
    • Total Magnesium  160 mg

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