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Pine Pollen Powder Balance Hormones 50g Teelixir

A$32.33 (inc GST) A$29.39 (exc GST)

Pine Pollen Powder Balance Hormones 50g Teelixir

A$32.33 (inc GST) A$29.39 (exc GST)
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Product Description

Teelixir Pine Pollen Powder Balance Hormones 50g

Teelixir Pine Pollen Powder Balance Hormones with Pine Pollen, a powerful adaptogen that's been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years as a health restorative and longevity superfood. Packed with health benefits, it may increase energy, support hormones, elevate testosterone levels naturally, enhance the immune system and boost libido.

Pine Pollen is considered one of the best beautifying superfoods. Unlike Pine Pollen extract, Teelixir Pine Pollen powder can be consumed by both men and women, internally and externally (topically), to help nourish glowing skin and support an increase in elastin and collagen production.

Pine Pollen powder is a very nutritive rich plant based superfood that boasts over 200 bio-active nutrients. It is high in antioxidants (including SOD), vitamins, minerals, MSM, and is a complete protein containing over twenty amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids. Pine Pollen is a potent source of Phyto-androgens and a naturally derived source of testosterone. These rare-to-be-found-in-nature plant based compounds include androgens, DHEA, androsterone and more may naturally boost testosterone levels.

Teelixir Pine Pollen Powder is:

  • 100% Wildcrafted Pine Pollen Powder
  • Authentic Di Tao Source
  • Third-Party Tested and Quality Verified
  • Raw Plant Based | Vegan | Gluten Free | Paleo | Non GMO
  • 98% Cracked-Cell Wall For Maximum Absorption
  • No Added Grains, Preservatives, Starch or Fillers

Best consumed in its natural raw state in water, tea or your morning and afternoon smoothie. To avoid nutrient damage, do not boil or overheat.

  • Maintenance Dose: When using Pine Pollen powder, Teelixir recommend starting with 1/2 tsp per day. This maintenance dose will provide a 40-day supply (approximately) in every 50 gram container. It is safe when using Pine Pollen powder in high doses. 
  • Mega Dose: Mega dosing Pine Pollen is common in China due to its incredibly high nutrient profile. Many people consume between 5-10 grams per day (3 slightly heaped tablespoons) for more potent effects. You can break this amount up during the day or if you’d prefer, you can consume all three tablespoons together.


  • Wild and Raw Pine Pollen Powder*

*98% cracked-cell wall Pine Pollen for maximum absorption rate and digestibility. 

Teelixir Pine Pollen is sustainably wild harvested from pine trees (Pinus massoniana Lamb.) deep in the mountains of China, far from cities or any industrial pollution. Teelixir only harvest the finest cones from pine trees growing in mountains of elevation 1100~1500m. Teelixir Pine Pollen is 100% free of insecticides, pesticides, animal hormones, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics and heavy metals originating from air pollution.

Teelixir Pine Pollen is processed through low-temperature, high-speed airflow pulverization technology. This breaks open 98% of the Pine Pollen cell walls so the powder is highly absorbed directly into the cells of the body without going through the digestive tract and maximizing health benefits.

Consult your health care practitioner before use if you're pregnant, nursing or for any potential side effects with prescriptions. Do not use if you have a pollen allergy or are allergic to pine trees or pine powder

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