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Cell-Logic EnduraDERM 30 x 10g Sachets

Cell-Logic EnduraDERM is an all natural cosmeceutical formulation designed to benefit your complexion from the inside, by feeding and nourishing the cells of your skin. 

Each of the three powerful ingredients in EnduraDERM is supported by clinical trials that validate their roles in various aspects of skin cell function.

Simply mix one 10-gram sachet of EnduraDERM in ½ glass of filtered water, juice or other cooled or room temperature beverage of your choice. (Do not add to hot beverages which will destroy the natural enzymes essential to the product.).


  • Immunobiotic HKL-137
  • GliSODin
  • Collagen Peptides

EnduraDERM contains no added sweeteners of any kind, enabling you to sweeten if required. EnduraDERM is free from dairy, egg, soy, nuts, legumes, corn, yeast, added sugar or other sweeteners and has no artificial additives

EnduraDERM is not recommended for those with coeliac disease as its GliSODin® ingredient contains very small amounts of gliadin as part of its ability to activate the antioxidant enzymes SOD, GPx and Cat, and of the anti-inflammatory cytokine, IL-10. Those avoiding wheat due to suspected wheat intolerance do not typically react to GliSODin®

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